Hey guys ! So, I decided to do an actual faves page post instead of picking from the blogs I follow already. By the way, the model in the banner is Imaan Hammam !
Rules :
- Please be following me (nubise) if you don’t follow me you will not be chosen.
- Please reblog this post at least once ! & like only if you need it bookmarked .
- Please be a similar style to me (indie/fashion/art)
Higher Chances:
- Follow my Polyvore (here)
- Follow my Insta (here)
- Reblog A few Uploads (here)
- Tag me in a post about this so I can check you out easier (use the tags #hey dessy & #nubise)
- Message me to check out your blog for this or just pop by to say hi so I can get to know you !
I’ll be choosing in 2 to 3 weeks ! I’ll go through the notes & choose my fave 30 blogs ! You can message me/ send anons or anything whenever you like. I’ll answer when I can. Get to reblogging :)
“You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.”
Saw the Arctic Monkeys
Back to school way too soon
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